Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital

Welcome to Neurosurgical Solutions of Lafayette. Our Vanderbilt trained neurosurgeon Dr. William A. Brennan has been a board certified neurosurgeon since 2000. Our practice specializes in adult spinal, cranial and peripheral nerve assessment and treatment. Dr. Brennan and his staff are dedicated to educating our patients about the condition they face as well as broadening the treatment options to include surgical, minimally invasive techniques and non-surgical measures with the hope of matching the recommended treatment to each individual patient’s needs and desires.

We are on staff at Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital and are proud to be affiliated with a hospital with such profound dedication to excellence in the neurosurgical field.

You'll experience every modern technology advantage whether it is CT scan, MRI, surgical navigation technology or digital intensive care units.

We invite you to take a look at our practice web site and feel free to call our office if there are any remaining questions. Dr. Brennan wrote all the medical information. We are never too busy to stop and answer questions as these topics are perhaps the most complicated of all medical or surgical discussions and Dr. Brennan and his staff understand and want you to feel like family.
“I’ll never forget the first neurosurgery cases I was invited to scrub on. It was a man in his 40’s who fell off a motorcycle and had a skull fracture. All I can remember is the feeling that I was somewhere I needed to be, doing what I needed to be doing”